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About Empires and Puzzles Game

Empires and Puzzles: RPG Quest is a Match 3/RPG hybrid from Small Giant Games, and as the business calls it, a "fantasy Match three game" along with an "MMORPG puzzle adventure." In this particular iOS and Android game, you are going to need to prioritize tactics and strategy as you protect the stronghold of yours from enemies, both computer controlled enemies along with human opponents. The game allows you to summon renowned heroes, gather additional cards, gather additional information, and also update the heroes of yours as you begin this particular "challenging quest" to defend the lands of Karemdol and wipe out the dragons, monsters, along with other opponents that roam these lands.

Match 3/RPG hybrids are very common today, therefore in case you have had a number of these titles before, you ought to have a good grasp of what to expect. Though these games are usually much deeper compared to your typical "Saga" Match three games, meaning there're plenty of aspects to do apart from the typical "match 3 identical pieces, create specific pieces with a fight of 4 or maybe more" mechanic. Read on, as our complete Puzzles and Empires: RPG Quest strategy guide usually takes you through all the things you have to develop to earn a lot more fights, each against the AI and against human players.

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Remember the Elements

Like in a number of other Match 3/RPG hybrids, elemental strengths & weaknesses have a huge part in figuring out exactly how effective your troops' hits is against the enemy. This's very true in case you are playing in PvP mode; in case you string together a combo against an enemy having an elemental disadvantage, you will be offering away two times the damage. While the game does demonstrate this info on top of the portion of the screen of yours, we will recap the elemental hierarchy for the convenience of yours - Fire beats Nature, Nature beats Ice, Fire is beaten by Ice. Dark and light cancel one another out if it is strong against one another, but also weak against the own element of theirs.

Troops And war Items Actually are Important

The game is going to allow you to take as many as 4 Battle Items in the Story Battles, which means Empires and also Puzzle's campaign mode. You may not have to wear them in the beginning, because the game is going to be rather simple in the beginning, though you must nonetheless take some products you've when you attempt to accustom yourself with the ebb and flow of the game and its much more complex mechanics. With time, you are able to wield useful and powerful more things, like the Scroll of Revival, which, as its title suggests, heroes were defeated by revives and also brings them to life. This may be a game changer, particularly if you are in the midst of a hard boss battle.

You have also got to draw the troops of yours into consideration - be sure you have got probably the most effective troops you've when you are sending them off to fight. You'll be allowed an everyday Summon at no cost, in which you are going to have the opportunity to win yourself some Rare or uncommon troops - these're the troops you wish to send off to fight, since they could improve your Hero's power in case you are doing so.

How Are Special Skills Unleashed?

All of the heroes in this particular game get mana for Special Skills when troops corresponding to their element attacks enemies. Does not sound like anything overly complicated, right? Though you are going to reach a stage within the game where troops that cause it to be rather much on the mini keyboard will increase their side 's Heroes with a considerable amount of extra mana. Which actually leaves you, as the professional, in somewhat of a conundrum - in the event you attack the enemy in front, and should you deliver some your troops through space that is open in the enemy lines so that you are able to obtain adequate mana? Keep in mind that you cannot launch Special Skills with no mana - this's a tough choice you'll usually need to earn in the game.

No Watchtower, No PvP

It is important you've a Watchtower already made and set up. So why do you need it? Effectively, it is easy - in case you don't possess a Watchtower, then you can't participate in PvP mode. Though you are able to stick to the campaign amounts and never bother with playing against actual players, there are plenty of reasons why you must utilize the social features. One, you are able to earn some practical resources. 2, it is more difficult, as we realize that it might get tiring to contend against the computer system AI. 3, it is more enjoyable. 4, you are able to test out other heroes as you attempt to determine the play style of yours and find your bearing within the game. To put it simply, there's simply no downside to playing in PvP mode.

Join An Alliance

Speaking of social characteristics, you are able to register with an Alliance once you achieve player level 4. Today there are several unique benefits to joining an Alliance, as well as once again, there is simply no downside to this particular. Generally, you are able to utilize the chance to hunt down Titans, which happens to be a method which would need several Alliance members. And that is the place that the fun starts, because you are going to need to come together so you are able to earn the fight and divvy up the loot among everybody that took part. Puzzles and empires has some wealthy social characteristics, and so capitalize on them.

What are Wanted Missions?

The chests over the left side of the display has some loot, like gems, and they may be all yours in case you top off the advancement bar beside them. As a bonus, you are going to get the Monster Chest from the get go, though you'll have to construct a Watchtower for all the Heroes Chest, and also you will have to be a part of an alliance with the Titan Chest. So in case you are searching for some premium currency and wish to get a few for free, you need to fulfill the demands of every chest.

Complete The Daily Quests

Once player level ten is reached by you, you are going to be ready to undertake quests, which you are able to access via the Quest Map. As you will find out, it will not be fast or easy - you are going to need to be patient as you attempt to reach level ten, but the moment you are there, you are able to undertake these dailies for guaranteed loot of a specific sort in case you finish them. This could suggest some troops or some food, for example, though you might wish to hold out for those Rare Quests, that are pretty difficult to finish, as the title might suggest. These will provide you with some rare components which you might have for several of the more hi-tech upgrades.

The best way to Grind Smartly

As you advance even more into the game, you will require far more information, indicating more foods, more iron, and upgrade materials. That might require you to replay a great deal of earlier degrees, and that is the sole time you need to really be considering going with the Autoplay feature. Autoplay generally uses probably the most obvious approaches out there, though you are able to use it in case you are grinding/farming, going to a finished level you are able to now finish much faster. Or else, you need to stop the fights yourself, and not go out of things to chance by being reliant on Autoplay's simple approach.

The Order Of your Heroes Matters In PvP

For one last tip, we are likely to be heading towards the PvP arena, in which you are able to make use of this particular tip in case you have won the share of yours of battles and are wanting to experience much more advanced players. it is really a simple, but useful one - It is essential to order the heroes of yours in the proper position so that you can gain the edge over the opponent of yours. On defense, your center hero is going to be in front, which would cause them to become much more susceptible compared to the majority of the team of yours. And so knowing that, you might wish to divert from the typical "tanks go in front" strategy, and put your high defense, high health heroes in the center to function as the tank of yours. Once more, offensive oomph is optional, just so long as this particular tank has a lot of health and defense to take in damage.

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